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Sustainable Food Systems

It is estimated that 20-30% of climate change impacts in the world are a result of the production and consumption of food. As producers, retailers and consumers, we can all work together to help reduce these impacts.

Under the Sustainable Food Systems Program, Net Impact Montreal works to help cafes reduce their carbon footprint and help them embrace and benefit from being a sustainable business. The Program also increases awareness and educates the general public of how to increase sustainability in food systems and to promote a circular economy. 

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We investigate sustainability of cafes and providing recommendations for improvement 

We communicate and advise the general public on ways to reduce their environmental footprint when it comes to their meals

We partner with other nonprofits to strengthen the sustainable food systems network here in Montreal - Net Impact Montreal is the English Partner of La table, a consortium of players based in Montreal working to promote sustainable food system practices 

Over the next year, the Program hopes to expand and work together with more cafes to help in their transition to sustainable entities.


Nilushi Kumarasinghe

Program Manager

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Nilushi has a Master of Science in Environment and Resource Management and has been working in the field of sustainability for almost 5 years. She enjoys developing projects, creating awareness, and collaborating with stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions. She has previously worked with international organizations in the Netherlands and Sri Lanka to promote sustainable development and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Join our team! 

Work with others in a fun & flexible setting!

Implement your own vision for sustainability in food systems with the support you need!

Are you a cafe or restaurant wanting to learn more about sustainability and work with our experts to start your green journey?

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