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PolliACTion MTL

Pollinators are crucial to the survival of entire ecosystems and human agriculture. Their rapid decline in the past few decades has been alarming. Well-designed, nature-based solutions hold the potential to restore pollinator populations by increasing the resources available to them.

Inspired by the successful Pollinator Strategy in Scotland, PolliACTion MTL aims to build pollinator-friendly habitats within the city of Montreal. By leveraging underutilized urban spaces such as rooftop gardens, backyards and highway curbs, we can set up hardy native wildflowers in planters across the city or plant in open spaces. This will also have the added bonus of beautifying our city.

Bees at Work


Currently in its pilot year, the PolliACTion MTL team has been busy gathering data and conducting literature reviews to validate our program model. At the same time, we have been reaching out to other non-profit organizations and stakeholders to establish working relationships and partnerships.

Upcoming activities

To engage stakeholders and to promote public participation, we plan on hosting a series of educational conferences and workshops to raise awareness on this new initiative.

Look forward to our Build-a-Planter Workshop! We will teach you to build raised bed planters and make your own wildflower patch that's aesthetically pleasing while serving an environmental purpose.

Picking Flowers
Glass Buildings

Our team

Join our team! 

PolliACTion MTL is actively seeking:

Partnerships with organizations to share knowledge and expertise;

Sponsors to finance this budding initiative;

Passionate volunteers to help realize our goals with support in research, fundraising, building and monitoring pollinator sites, and more. 


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